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Skeena Cat Skiing

All-Inclusive Cat Skiing Packages (starting at $1250)

Skeena Cat Skiing

Availability Calendar

Book Now for The 2023/24 Season!

2023/24Jan 12 – Jan 143Available$1300 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Jan 15 – Jan 184Available$1250 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Jan 19 – Jan 213Sold Out$1300 Per DaySold Out
2023/24Jan 22 – Jan 254Available$1250 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Jan 26 – Jan 283Sold Out$1300 Per DaySold Out
2023/24Jan 29 - Feb 14Available$1250 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Feb 2 – Feb 43Available$1400 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Feb 5 – Feb 84Sold Out$1400 Per DaySold Out
2023/24Feb 9 – Feb 113Available$1400 Per DayBook Now
2022/23Feb 12 – Feb 154Limited$1400 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Feb 16 – Feb 183Available$1450 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Feb 19 – Feb 224Available$1450 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Feb 23 – Feb 253Available$1450 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Feb 26 – Feb 294Limited$1450 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Mar 1 - Mar 33Limited$1450 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Mar 4 – Mar 74Available$1450 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Mar 8 – Mar 103Available$1400 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Mar 11– Mar 144Available$1400 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Mar 15 – March 173Available$1400 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Mar 18 - Mar 214Available$1250 per dayBook Now
2023/24Mar 22 – Mar 243Available$1300 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Mar 25 – Mar 284Available$1250 Per DayBook Now
2023/24Mar 29 – Mar 313Available$1300 Per DayBook Now

Skeena Cat Skiing

Skeena Cat Skiing Information Booklet

Look through the 2023/24 season Skeena Cat Skiing Information Booklet. Please also take the time to review our Skeena Cat Skiing safety information video.

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Skeena Cat Skiing

Payment & Cancellation Policy

To secure a reservation, a deposit of 25% of the full package price must be received by Skeena Cat Skiing Inc., to be paid by credit card. Full payment is due by October 15 each year. In the event the booking is made after October 15, then payment in full will be required at the time of booking.

If you cancel your reservation prior to October 15, the deposit will be refunded, less an administrative fee. If you cancel after October 15, and we are able to sell your spot to another guest, your payment may be applied to a future booking, less any discount given.

All guests must read and understand the liability release below prior to booking.

Read our Terms & Conditions document for full details, and review our sample Liability Release Form, prior to your trip. All guests are required to have read, understood, and agree to the release of liability waiver.

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