Group of people experiencing an all inclusive booking package


  • Double occupancy accommodation in heated, insulated quonset style tents
  • Comfy mattresses, pillows and bedding
  • Towels, organic soap, shampoo and conditioner
  • All meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Cat skiing everyday!
  • Skier day fees due to the Province of British Columbia
  • Qualified Lead Guide and Tail Guide for each group
  • Use of Transceiver, avalanche airbag backpack, shovel and probe.  
  • Companion rescue training and use of an avalanche transceiver.

Please request the dates you would like here. Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include 5% tax.



Skeena is adding a second CAT for the 2022/23 season!

Dec 30 – Jan 1     $900 per day     AVAILABLE     

Jan 2 – Jan 5     $800 per day     AVAILABLE     

Jan 6 – Jan 8     $1000 per day     LIMITED     

Jan 9 – Jan 12   $900 per day     AVAILABLE     

Jan 13 – Jan 15   $1200 per day     AVAILABLE     

Jan 16 – Jan 19   $1100 per day     AVAILABLE     

Jan 20 – Jan 22   $1200 per day     LIMITED     

Jan 23 – Jan 26   $1100 per day     AVAILABLE     

Jan 27 – Jan 29   $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

Jan 30 – Feb 2   $1100 per day     AVAILABLE      

Feb 3 – Feb 5     $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

Feb 6 – Feb 9     $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

Feb 10 – Feb 12     $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

Feb 13 – Feb 16     $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

Feb 17 – Feb 19     $1300 per day     LIMITED     

Feb 20 – Feb 23     $1300 per day     SOLD OUT     

Feb 24 – Feb 26     $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

Feb 27 – March 2     $1300 per day     LIMITED     

March 3 – March 5     $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

March 6 – March 9     $1300 per day     LIMITED     

March 10 – March 12     $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

March 13 – March 16     $1300 per day     AVAILABLE     

March 17 – March 19     $1300 per day     LIMITED    

March 20 – March 23     $1100 per day    SOLD OUT    

March 24 – March 26     $1100 per day     AVAILABLE     

Stay tuned for late season dates and deals


Prices are quoted ‘per day’ and do not include taxes.

Guests must arrive in Smithers for transfer to base camp on the afternoon of the day prior to the first day of skiing. 

Guests will be transported by helicopter and/or vehicle then snowcat to the basecamp. Please note that the current Air Canada afternoon flight from Vancouver to Smithers does not allow enough time for you to arrive in Smithers and travel directly to Skeena Base camp that same day. So unless more flights are added, you should organize your plane travel to arrive in Smithers 2 days prior to your first day of cat skiing. For example for the February 13-16 trip:  arrive on the afternoon of February 11 and spend the night in Smithers, Ski at Hudson Bay Mountain on February 12, and fly by helicopter from Smithers to Skeena Base Camp in the late afternoon of February 12 – and start cat skiing on February 13. 

Guests will be transported by helicopter and/or vehicle then snowcat to the basecamp. Helicopter transfer from the Smithers airport to the Skeena Base Camp is an additional cost of approximately $450 roundtrip plus tax, which is not included in the cost of the trip paid to Skeena.  Due to helicopter travel, guests are limited to a total luggage weight of 35 lbs, including ski boots. Guests are permitted to bring one set of skis or one snowboard which are NOT included in the 35 lbsIf weather prevents a helicopter transfer, guests will travel by vehicle and snowcat.


Look through the 2021/22 season Skeena Cat Skiing Information Booklet. Please also take the time to review our Skeena Cat Skiing safety information video.


To secure a reservation, a deposit of 25% of the full package price must be received by Skeena Cat Skiing Inc., to be paid by credit card. Full payment is due by October 15 each year. In the event the booking is made after October 15, then payment in full will be required at the time of booking.

If you cancel your reservation prior to October 15, deposit will be refunded, less an administrative fee. If you cancel after October 15, and we are able to sell your spot to another guest, your payment may be applied to a future booking, less any discount given. Due to the uncertain nature of the Covid pandemic, we will be updating our Covid policy on September 1, 2022.   However, at this time, our Covid policies and procedures will remain the same: 

All guests are required to be fully vaccinated in order to attend a cat skiing adventure with Skeena Cat Skiing, and proof of vaccination must be provided. Guests with qualifying pandemic-related cancellations may be able to use their full payment as a credit towards a future booking, subject to availability. All guests must read and understand the liability release below prior to booking.

 Read our Terms & Conditions document for full details, and review our sample Liability Release Form, COVID 19 Cancellation Policy and COVID Vaccine Policy prior to your trip.



If you are flying to Skeena, we suggest adding a few days to your experience to explore other adventures in the area.  Everyone travelling for any ski holiday in BC should NOT travel on a tight schedule.  For example, a weather delay in Chicago will mean you miss your connection to Vancouver and then are late for your holiday.  Put in a ‘buffer’ day in your travel plans, and enjoy the local ski hill prior to your cat skiing holiday.

Check out Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers, BC, to get warmed up prior to the cat skiing trip. Find great deals on ski and accommodation at Ski & Stay Smithers.

Contact us for inquiries on ski holiday packages with Skeena and Hudson Bay Mountain.



Our BC cat skiing season runs late December to late March. CLICK HERE to check availability for the upcoming season, or click below if you’re ready to book now. We look forward to hosting you!