Skeena Cat Skiing

Weather Conditions at Skeena

Skeena Cat Skiing

Weather and Snow News

The Farmer’s Almanac

To quote the Farmer’s Almanac: “British Columbia should see about average amount of winter precipitation, but with brisk temperatures, skiing should be decent this upcoming season”. This prediction agrees with the continued existence of La Nina in the southern Pacific ocean – cool waters off the coast of South America. This translates into cold and snowy winters for British Columbia – good news for skiers.

Snow Road Building

Last ski season saw a tremendous early and late winter snowfalls. By the beginning of December the Skeena cat ski terrain was buried in over 2 meters (6 ½ feet) of snowpack. This allowed for great snow road building. In mid winter we experienced average snowfalls, but then the moment we closed in late March it dumped ridiculously through all of April. This is actually quite typical – when winter and spring condition collide, snow falls!

Weather Reports

Once we commence the ski season after Christmas, we will be doing regular weather and snowfall reports in this box of the website. At Base camp we have a sophisticated weather station and we take weather readings twice a day. This information is used by our guides, but is also submitted to the Canadian Avalanche Association in Revelstoke, and included in the ‘Info-ex’. Furthermore, the weather and snowpack observations made by our guiding staff is used to help create the ‘Avalanche safety forecasts’ used by recreational skiers and snowmobilers in B.C.

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